The cool way to choose eyeglasses and look great

The time has come to choose your new pair of eyeglasses. This is a great opportunity to choose an accessory that will work for you at all times and elevate your style. Carrera is a brand that offers excellent quality and innovative design so there is no need to compromise. You will definitely be able to find the perfect shape and colour for your face and style.

Make sure you follow those tips and you will look stunning!

  • In case you would prefer your eyeglasses to blend in your look and go unnoticed go for a neutral design. Thin metal frames are ideal like Carrera model 1109 which comes in many colours and blends in beautifully. Added benefit: metal frames are quite durable despite looking so fragile.
  • But then again, you could make the opposite decision and opt to wear a striking pair that will make your look stand out. You could even create your own trademark look. Quite a few stylish women are recognisable thanks to their unique frames. Think Jenna Lyons of J.Crew and Iris Apfel; unique personalities, unique style. Don’t be afraid to showcase your individuality with your choice of frames. A black pair of Carrera eyeglasses (model 5544/V) could have a striking effect!

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  • When you are thinking about going for a coloured frame make sure it matches your wardrobe. Consider the colouring of the majority of your outfits, if not all. You don’t want your glasses clashing with everything else you put on. Red and purple are generally good choices. They got style but work nicely with other colours. Black always has an attitude, just make sure you consider the contrast on your face. Carrera offer an excellent option, (model 179/F) that combines a Havana front and red arms. Their vintage feel makes them irresistible.
  • When at the store, put on a lot of different frames and don’t just look at your face in the mirror. Find a full-length mirror, take a step back and look at our whole body. Pay attention to colours and proportions. It is important to choose glasses that coordinate with your overall appearance. You don’t want to choose secretary’s glasses if you’re in jeans all the time. Coordinate your style from top to bottom.
  • In alignment with the previous tip, make sure you put on an outfit that is characteristic of your daily style. Put on your make-up as usually and same goes for your hair. Let’s say you will be wearing your eyeglasses mostly at work. If you go shopping in your gym outfit chances are the pair you choose will not coordinate nicely with your office look. Wear something relevant so you make the right choice.
  • Last but not least, two is better than one. It always helps to have an extra pair! You can use it as back up in case you misplace or break a pair, but most importantly you can have that extra extravagant pair for special occasions. A subtle pair can function nicely for the office and then a bolder more striking one can help you exude your personality when you go out in the evening.

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